Our Gallery features functional art, living decor and reclaimed art that are true conversation pieces. Made by local artisans using a variety of materials, each piece has a unique soul all its own!​

Within the Gallery

  1. Handpainted Flights
    Handpainted Flights
    Beer and Tooter Flights painted with Unicorn SPiT
  2. Aura Blast Dinnette
    Aura Blast Dinnette
    Upcycled table and chairs painted with Unicorn SPiT
  3. Ladder Shelf
    Ladder Shelf
    Upcycled ladder painted with Unicorn SPiT
The Soul of the Gallery

Why we believe in repurposed, reclaimed, found and upcycled art

We feel there is a soul at the core of each artistic creation, and as stewards of our material items, we consider it an honor to be part of the creative process to transform otherwise ignored items, provide a venue for them to be discovered and assist with the transaction allowing them to begin their next soul journey.  The heart of the Gallery is to provide a pleasing shopping environment filled with artfully crafted furnishings, colorful artwork and vibrant living decor.